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The Madness Dances in His Eyes
A sihlouette waking alone beside a lonely road
his shadow shifts and lengthens as he hides in the darkness of his mind
slipping among the pools of black
dancing about the madness inside
a figure gliding down lonesome paths
his feet not touching, leaving no prints
a fury restrained, a hatred unleashed
fires of fight burning within his eyes
madness dances there, within his soul
a heart so icy and so cold
he finds himself, and yet he's lost
found and lost, lost and bound
bound by darkness, and by chains
by his mind and by his fame
all who know him ask him why
they can't understand the boy inside
angers flowing towards himself
swords of spirit feel my wrath
cut and clean and marr and maim
among his voices he has no name
not a person, he's nothing, no one to them
they fight the battle, they fight to win
to take him over, to steal his will
power over him growing stronger still
a cacaphony of voices, a chorus of crazy
they fight to win, none are lazy
they fight with tongue, tooth and nail
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Road closed to my heart by WordsFlowForth Road closed to my heart :iconwordsflowforth:WordsFlowForth 0 1 Self-Portrait - 40's by WordsFlowForth Self-Portrait - 40's :iconwordsflowforth:WordsFlowForth 0 2
Stream of conciousness
I need somewhere to write, to dabble with a stream of conciousness, and this seems like the very best place of all at the moment, fingers flying fast as thoughts can form. The words i love you, gone from my life, to be replaced by lots of love, love ya, none quite so meaningful as the big 3. Where did I lose them, and are they gone never to return? I'd assume that they were, greatly will they be missed, for without soul is empty. Why then, do we seek human companionship, knowing only that we will hurt and be hurt? Lives shattered, dreams battered, hearts broken. And for what? To have someone by our side? Tonight, to talk to those that I loved, those that I love, and those that I could love, what more could one ask? How is it life treats us this way, when all we ask of it, and the universe at large is someone to wake up next to every morning? A dream I had, speaking to "her", and we were through with our babbling, and it was time for the expressions and affectations of affec
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My heart beats for you
When you touch me
I want to die
I just don't know
how to feel alive
my only wish
when you are near
I never want
to be here
I want to die
and never wake
I'll kill myself
for my heart's sake
it beats for you
killing inside
a love so true
all pain aside
you'd never know
the pain I feel
I hide it from you
and my heart won't heal
I want to cut myself
create rivers of red
drag the blade across
I'm already dead
my heart beats still
cold as stone
hard as ice
I'm all alone
your words so simple
the lies so sweet
the words "iloveyou'
your lies repeat
you create in me
a thirst for death
so my heart may be
at eternal rest
no longer for you hurting
suffering pain quite so real
my death would take away
the pain that I feel
to you I feel invisible
like I simply am not there
the tears I shed inside me
you just do not seem to care
perhaps you do not notice
because I do not let you know
seeing past the mask I wear
the pain inside my soul
you break my heart daily
it tears, rends, and rips
it's fire burns
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Self-portrait - Posed by WordsFlowForth Self-portrait - Posed :iconwordsflowforth:WordsFlowForth 1 5
Book of Memories
"I can almost feel it...your hands on my cheeks, framing my face in such a soothing caress that for a moment the world is at peace. For a moment, my soul is at peace. And as you drag your hands down my face, I melt into you and everything -EVERYTHING- about me is complete. I've never felt that before, never had somebody that the constant chill from within and fill it with warmth. You do that. I mean it. I need you. You hold my heart and without you near, I can feel the gaping hole left behind, filled with how much I miss you. I love the feeling of your breath whispering across my ear, your hands running through and tangling in my hair, your arms around me whenever I need them. And I always need them, ALWAYS. I want them, want you always and forever, to spend my life, eternity, and beyond with. I LOVE YOU. And I could never get tired of having you with me, could never get tired of looking into your eyes. They are so beautiful, so amazing, holding everything I love in them. I must have s
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Get used to disappointment....
United States
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Favourite style of art: Preferably pencil.....
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Skin of choice: Warm and soft, the kind I can wrap my arms around
Favourite cartoon character: Kid from Zits
Personal Quote: "Bads days are never in a photo album, but they get you from one happy snapshot to the next&quo
These things actually work, believe it or not....……


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